Why We Do It

As active members of the Asheville community, we are aware of and engaged in the large and comprehensive recovery community in the area.  We have known many individuals in different stages of recovery.  It became apparent that support for women, outside of 12-Step meetings and fellowship, was lacking.  There are a few recovery homes for women in the Asheville area; however, there are clearly not enough to meet the demand of those in early recovery.  As a result, many women face long waiting periods, high costs, and uncertainty during an already vulnerable time.  Even more alarming is that some women have had to remain in or return to living environments that are unsafe and not conducive to recovery simply because there were no other options available to them.


For many years we opened our homes to individuals in need of a safe, supportive and affordable place to live where they can focus on themselves and their recovery.  We immediately saw the benefits of a stable and empowering environment.  It was, and still is, incredibly rewarding to see these individuals thriving today in a substance-free life.  They learned from us and we learned from them.  We wanted to do more but there simply was not enough space in a spare bedroom or basement apartment.  


From these experiences, Recovery Road Residence was formed and opened its doors November of 2015.